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Custom Sugar Cookies

Pricing & Order Options

Shipping for Custom Cookies

Shipping is available within the United States. Order minimum is 2 dozen. Cookies are packaged to ensure the most safe transport possible, but please be aware that I cannot control what happens to the cookies once they have left my possession. Packaging and shipping costs will be added in addition to the cost of the cookies - these pries are dependent on the size of the order and shipping address. Orders will be shipped via USPS unless otherwise specified. 

Holiday cookies and presales cannot be shipped

Additional Details

Cookies are heat sealed individually, unless specified otherwise by the customer

Heat sealing ensures your cookies will stay fresh weeks after they were baked. You can freeze your cookies, please reach out to me for freezing instructions.

Depending on the size of your order, cookies will be packed in a bag or box.

Party favor packaging is available. This includes a larger heat-sealed bag tied with a ribbon or twine (colors customized to match your theme) for an extra $10 per dozen.

In the event that I am able to take last minute orders (with a week or less notice), I charge a $30 rush fee per dozen.

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