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Customer Reviews

"I can't say enough about the detail and the taste of these cookies... by far these are the best we've ever had. Super easy and customizable. I can't say enough how great. If I could give 10 stars, I would!"

"Not only are you hands down the best at decorating cookies, but they taste so good too! I feel like often I find a good tasting cookie but sub par decorating, or vice versa, but yours are off the charts both looks and taste wise!"

"Best tasting sugar cookies I've ever had. Very detailed and pretty, but also have the best flavor! Have always been extremely happy with all of my orders!!"

"Sugar 'N' Sass has THE BEST cookies! They stay fresh even weeks after delivery. Wonderful customer service"

"Cookies arrived in one piece and were delicious. Grandkids loved them. Didn't last long once the box was opened."

"The cookie decorating class was so much fun! I also felt like I learned a perfect amount in the time frame. I appreciated the tips and suggestions. I am going to be trying to decorate some cookies at home."

The class was so fun fun!!! Directions were shown and explained really well. Will definitely be doing another!"

"The cookie class was super fun and I really learned a lot! They taste as good as they look!"

"My heck! These are the cutest and YUMMIEST cookies!! So impressed - will definitely be coming back ❤️"

"Marissa is an absolute artist with her cookies! She has made us some of the most gorgeous, delicious custom cookies. I’ve attended 3 of her cookie classes and they were an absolute blast! I highly recommend for a girls night. Sugar’n’Sass Cookies is a 10/10 for me!"

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