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My Favorite Things - Cutters, Supplies and More!

Updated: Dec 26, 2023

Cookie Cutters – cookie cutters have come a long way since the metal cutters your grandmother used to make Christmas cookies. 3D printing has allowed cutter creators to make unique, one-of-a-kind designs that can really step up your cookie game. One thing I love about 3D cutters is that most of them are created by small businesses. Here are a few of my favorite cutter shops:

For more bang for your buck/more basic cookie cutters, I love Sweet Sugarbelle Shapeshifters. They have standard size and mini sizes. You can purchase a set of several cutters that can be used for so many different shapes/designs. I have found them at Michaels and on Amazon.

Stencils – Stencils are a great way to add design and dimension to your cookies. Stencils can be used with an airbrush or you can scrape thick icing over the top of them onto your cookie. These are my favorite shops where I purchase most of my stencils:

Gel Food Coloring – Royal icing can be colored using gel food coloring, not water-based food color. There are three brands that I really like and use interchangeably:

  • Sunny-side Up Bakery at Hobby Lobby – these gel colors work great and are easy to find. Other brands I have to typically order online, so I like knowing I can go grab these at any time if I am getting low on a color.

  • Americolor – These are probably the best quality gel colors and they have tons of color options. I really like using Americolor gels, especially for deeper colors. I buy Americolor gels (and their airbrush colors) from Grunderfully Delicious, or you can order directly from Americolor. Some cake/baking supplies might also carry them.

  • Chefmaster – Another great food gel is from Chefmaster. They don’t offer as many colors as Americolor, but they work great and are available on Amazon. (They also have great airbrush colors)

Tipless Bags – Recently I have been purchasing my tipless bags from Amazon - I really like these 12 inch bags from Yotipp.

Edible Pens/Markers - There are many brands that are great! I have really enjoyed the Rainbow Dust Edible Markers and the Foodoodler Markers – both can be purchased from Grunderfully Delicious or Amazon also has some great options.

Edible Glitter - add some sparkle to your cookies! I love Wilton's Edible Glitter and The Sugar Art's Diamond Dust (comes in tons of colors!!)

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