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Customer Reviews

"I can't say enough about the detail and the taste of these cookies... by far these are the best we've ever had. Super easy and customizable. I can't say enough how great. If I could give 10 stars, I would!"

- Shawn

"Not only are you hands down the best at decorating cookies, but they taste so good too! I feel like often I find a good tasting cookie but sub par decorating, or vice versa, but yours are off the charts both looks and taste wise!"

- Kelly

"Best tasting sugar cookies I've ever had. Very detailed and pretty, but also have the best flavor! Have always been extremely happy with all of my orders!!"

- Anita

"Sugar 'N' Sass has THE BEST cookies! They stay fresh even weeks after delivery. Wonderful customer service"

- Becky

"Cookies arrived in one piece and were delicious. Grandkids loved them. Didn't last long once the box was opened."

- Randee

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